A court in the United States has banned Dalma and Giannina from using the Maradona brand

A court in the United States has banned Dalma and Giannina from using the Maradona brand

Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida, United States, ruled against From Dalma and Giannina Maradona in Claiming credits From the social networking sites of his father, who passed away on November 25, 2020.

Last Monday’s ruling forces Coolulu Ltd and the “Ten” daughters to return their Facebook and Instagram profiles to Sattvica, Inc. Matthias Morla, which has exclusive rights to exploit the trademarks “Diego Maradona”, “De Gaulle”, “El Diego”, “El Diez”, “La Mano de Dios” and “Maradona” at the international level.

The statement is signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altunaga too It prevents them from marketing and advertising Maradona’s brand and image. The reason for this is due to a lawsuit initiated by Morla, as the head of Satvika, on June 21 for the accusation of “embezzlement” of the star’s Facebook and Instagram pages, which have 12 and 7.2 million followers, respectively.

The Instagram profile used by Maradona.

According to the text, Defendants may not “use, in any way, the ‘Maradona’ trademark or any imitation thereof, including, without limitation, the use of the trademarks mentioned in advertisements and/or interactive websites on the Internet that It may be accessed by consumers within the United States or in advertisements appearing in publications circulating within the United States.”

They are also prohibited from “making any false appellation of origin, description, representation or suggestion” of Maradona’s trademark, websites or services, infringing and unfairly competing with Satvika. In this context, the court ordered them to hand over to the plaintiff the control of the “Maradona” profile page kept on the Instagram platform – which so far includes the legend “run by his children” – as well as the website and domain name. www.dm10.com“.

dm10.com page.
dm10.com page.

the nation consulted, Mauricio de Alessandro, Morla’s legal representative, Emphasize the importance of the sentence. “The ruling of the Federal Court in the United States is very important because it recognizes the authenticity of the documents in which Maradona gave Satvika and the sisters the marks of “Maradona”, “Diego Maradona”, “Diego” and “Hand of God” “El 10” and “El Diego” in Argentina and in world.“The verdict is final,” he said.

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