A new study can confirm the prediction made by Stephen Hawking about the role of black holes in the origin of the universe



Dec 20 2021 04:47 GMT

In a recent scientific publication, an alternative model is explained regarding dark matter made up of black holes, which contributed to the formation of stars and planets in our solar system.

An international group of astrophysicists recently Suggestion An alternative model for the origin of the universe with which they seek to confirm a theory proposed by the physicists Stephen Hawking and Bernard Carr in 1970. Experts from the universities of Miami (USA), Yale (USA) and the European Space Agency suggest that it is the primordial black holes that they represent Every dark matter in the universe.

Professor Nico Cappelluti of the University of Miami in explained Release Released this Thursday.

the new study, which has been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal, suggests that if all black holes Created immediately after the Big Bang“They would have started to merge, forming more and more massive black holes over time. Stars would form around these clumps of dark matter to form solar systems and galaxies over billions of years.”

Gunter Hasinger of the European Space Agency (ESA). pointed out That black holes of different sizes are still a “puzzle” of science, because at the moment no answer has been found to explain how “supermassive black holes can You’ve grown a lot in a relatively short time available since the existence of the universe.”

“Given the mechanisms we observe in the modern universe today, they did not have enough time to form. This would also solve the age-old mystery of why the galaxy is so massive It always fits to the mass of the supermassive black hole at its center,” Capilotti pleaded for his part.

Similarly, Priyamvada Natarajan, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Yale University, compared primordial black holes, if they exist, to “seeds” that would give rise to supermassive black holes, even those in the center of our galaxy. “What I personally find very exciting about this idea is how unites The scientist said elegantly that the two really difficult problems I was working on were investigating the nature of dark matter and the formation and growth of black holes, and solving them all at once.”

Moreover, the researchers revealed that the study of primordial black holes can help find the causes of the mysterious increase in black holes Infrared In the universe, where researchers believe that this is the source of this type of radiation.

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