A tweet from Nintendo fuels speculation about Mega Evolutions in the upcoming Pokémon DLC

Pokémon scarlet and purple It continues to keep fans on their toes for a remake DLC. Fans seem to be hinting at the arrival of a new expansion thanks to a tweet carried out by Nintendo.

Currently, we do not yet have official details regarding the release of any kind of new content for the game in a region dwindles. However, information was given on Pokemonand expand what is said about it in Pokedex. Some of these new comments on this Pokemon They are what many fans cling to.

Describe monpraam Through a tweet from Nintendo of America It was the trigger. You can see in the tweet images monpraam With a description that reads:

Bramaluna is one of the mysterious Pokemon that you can find in #PokemonScarlet. This Pokemon is believed to be similar to Salamence, which is experiencing a phenomenon seen in other regions.

This “phenomenon we see in other regions” seems to refer to the massive advances that came from the sixth generation. All this did not go unnoticed, as it was filled with many speculative comments through social networks and even a question Nintendo He confirms that this is what he is explicit about.

Without a doubt, Nintendo It seems to play jamming with huge developments, although many players claim that when a river beeps, it carries water, so they will end up entering DLC future one way or another. However, we still have to wait.

what do you think? Leave your guesses and comments.

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