A virus that doesn’t send you to sleep with the fish, but steals your bank details

A virus that doesn’t send you to sleep with the fish, but steals your bank details

The updated Trojan for new operating systems strikes again.

This is a Trojan horse that you must reject.

the malicious programs Form part of the technology landscape, in the same way that football is to that sport or that plate means gastronomy. It is inevitable that sometimes human tools are used for unintended purposes, but we can deal with it. On this occasion, according to IB Group website reportsFile appears The old acquaintance is back With a different name, but with the same thirst for credentials as usual.

New virus, utmost caution with your bank credentials

That is, we recently learned that there is a file Troy is called the godfatherreferring to the movie The Godfather, which is used by digital criminals to attack users around the world in their banking services. real time, Over 400 people saw their hacked financial data, including bank apps, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges. But, We are not facing a new Trojanbut it appears to be a file An improved version of the ancient Anubiswhich has since become obsolete in its specifications, has been renamed and updated.

It is well known, as pointed out by some users in the Google Play Store, that the Trojans It is presented in android devices through some Applications Which, unfortunately, managed to outpace the North American company’s share, with the following apps reported as dangerous: QR Reader – Barcode Scanner s Transformer Plus. We leave you the links so that you know what these applications look like and thus be able to avoid falling into their networks. the The most affected companies are in the United Statesa total of 49, in turkeyare 31 years old, and at Spainwith 30 financial services affected.

It seems that The Trojan horse may have a Russian origin, since the company that released the news, the IB Group, ensures that when the application language is configured for one of the languages ​​of the regions annexed to Russia, it is deactivated, which removes its harmful effect. among many The evils that this application doesthe screen recording From the station, set vpn connectionsarrive to notices or send posts. As always, you have to be careful of those apps installed on phones, even if they come from official stores.

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