Activate smart charging and do not destroy the mobile phone battery

Activate smart charging and do not destroy the mobile phone battery

There are many tips to ensure that the phone cells do not suffer, although there are many people who prefer not to take them into account and enjoy the phone without worry at all. Manufacturers and developers largely take this into account, which is why for just over two years, a capability has been built into Android that does almost everything for us.

Almost magical program option

This feature started in the Google Pixel, where the company through the Android operating system began to introduce and master it. To better understand how it works, we must understand that after a series of charging cycles, approximately 500, the smartphone stops at 100% capacity and is limited to 80%, which happens on all models.

In an effort to stop this, the action of lithium cells has been thoroughly studied, which have been shown to lose efficacy at this rate, if we do not comply with the main recommendations. Among them is not to make it drop below 20%, and not to allow The battery is getting very hot And leave it connected to the current even if it reaches 100%.

So no need to worry, the Smart smartphone chargingWhat it does to our phone is charge it up to 80% and fill it to 100% only when we’re going to really use it. This is ideal for delivering energy overnight and not allowing it to constantly draw and receive energy, which can lead to cell destruction.

smart charging

We will find the option under Settings, in the Battery section, in the Smart Functions section. In addition, there are some additional options that can help us with this, so that the exchange caused by some applications is not offensive either.

Samsung, OnePlus and others too

Although the beginning of the tool was in the Google Pixel, manufacturers using Android quickly recognized it. In the case of Samsung and OnePlus, each one gives its own name to this type of download, so among the settings we will find it as Adaptable battery and improved charging, Straight.

OnePlus 7T Pro charging

Its purpose is the same and its operation process is also the same, which is something we always recommend using. In the case of the iPhone or Xiaomi we also find this gadget that strives to achieve the same thing as in the terminals of the competition.

As we can see, it is a very popular function that offers many advantages and we must undoubtedly activate it. Only when we have to leave the house in the middle of the day and need the phone with a full battery, we recommend worrying about deactivating the gadget, but not in the rest of the cases. this is It might end up making a difference Between having to change your phone now or keeping it on for several more months.

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