[ACTUALIZADA] That’s all the mystery games on the Epic Games Store – Christmas 2022

[ACTUALIZADA] That’s all the mystery games on the Epic Games Store – Christmas 2022

From this very Thursday, The mystery games of the Epic Games Store are back in the present day, just as in previous years at the company’s launchpad when the Christmas holidays approached. this cause, every 24 hourss, different game are available from completely free Through the Epic Games Store without prior announcement.

Well, with the intention of you being clear about all the games Epic Games will be giving away at this celebration, we’re going to implement Compilation of all the mystery games in the Epic Games Store During December 2022, which is permanent It is available from 5:00 PM Spanish time.

All mystery games on the Epic Games Store

Bloons TD 6

In this strategy game, you will have to create the best possible combination of mono towers, hero upgrades and abilities of all kinds. Our goal will be nothing but to eliminate all the invading balloons, so we will have to defend our territory with our teeth and nails. The title has co-op gameplay for up to 4 players, where you can face off against the big final bosses.

That's all the mystery games on the Epic Games Store - Christmas 2022

Horizon Chase Turbo

This indie game is a tribute to all the racing games from the 80’s and 90’s, such as Out Run, Top Gear and Rush. The game has similar gameplay to that of the aforementioned franchises, so we can enjoy a classic experience, ideal for those who feel nostalgic for these iconic games. Better? It has a split screen multiplayer mode to enjoy with our friends at home.

That's all the mystery games on the Epic Games Store - Christmas 2022

Z Quest 2

The sequel to this great title now allows us to visit the early landscapes, and we will have to dress up in cool new costumes in order to become the most powerful Halloween warriors, in order to collect the maximum number of trick cards and confront the bad guys, in a well-crafted turn-based RPG.

Games will leave Xbox Game Pass


In this adventure game you will have to accompany the sable as it glide, you will explore sand dunes on the back of your bicycle, you will climb some huge ruins and you will meet other nomads as you unveil forgotten mysteries and discover who is really hiding behind that mask.

their fighting flocks

their fighting flocks

Them’s Fightin’ Herds is a 2D fighting game with adorable animals created by the famous producer Lauren Faust. Beneath his lovable and lovable appearance is a true fighter! Fight locally or online with Rollback Netcode. The combat mechanics combine accessibility and depth creating a powerful combat system for newcomers and veterans alike.

So far, That’s been all the mystery games on the Epic Games Store so far. As the days go by, we’ll be adding titles that Epic itself keeps giving away until Christmas.

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