AI predicts your age, gender, emotions and even ‘beauty’ level just by showing your face


How normal am I? or “How normal am I?, is an interactive art and documentary project created as part of the Research Program drink from the European Union. Their goal: pretend How facial recognition algorithms are increasingly being used to judge us.

the result is this web Where you just have to show your face to go to AI Predict your age, gender, BMI, emotional state, even “beauty” level and life expectancy.

wake up call

Its creator, Tijmen Schep, is a technology-critical artist and privacy designer, who wants to show how Algorithms and AI-powered systems are increasingly affecting our lives.

Scoop EXPLICA Q Most people don’t know that this happensAnd your project allows us to try it out ourselves:

On dating sites, you may only be matched with equally attractive people. The insurance agency may have purchased profiles of companies that use algorithms to judge your health or mental stability. Your job application may have been judged by an algorithm that determined that you are not social enough for the company. The list is growing.

to enter You need to give access to the camera so that the device can judge you. No personal data is collected. The terms and conditions of the site state that nothing is sent to its servers, the entire face recognition process is done on your computer, in the browser.

In the ‘Test’, your face is compared to that of other people who have been tested before. At the end of the show, you can, if you like, share some anonymous data. This data will be used to recalculate the new mean, or that new “normal”. Beyond that, anonymous data is not shared.

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