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1Password 8 is one of the best password manager on Android, now it’s even better with full update that requires reinstalling manually…we tell you everything!

Without a doubt, your services will be well secured Online Simple passwords are useless, nor paper notes.Due to the huge volume of accounts we deal with, it is not very safe as we say Configure them all with the same passwords And without two-step verification.

So the best thing you can do is Choose a password manager for your Android mobile deviceIt is among the best choice 1 password 8 recently fully upgraded with a file Complete redesign of its interface and new functionsSo much that the update won’t be transparent because AgileBits, the developer, has released a new app on the Play Store. You will have to download manually.

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A password manager like 1Password 8 is a great help in keeping your online services secure.

As our colleagues tell us 9to5Googlewe are before Biggest Update Ever Made 1Password Since its appearance on mobile platforms, with a whole new experience thanks to Completely redesigned interface, more intuitive and cleanerWhich means that using the app doesn’t require a steep learning curve to start memorizing and using encrypted passwords.

here we leave you, In case you are already a fan of 1Password 8 And you don’t want to continue reading, a Direct Download Link From the new version of the password manager:

Free Download 1Password 8 from AgileBits | Google Play Store

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Fortunately, and to make a change with some developers, this new version of 1Password 8 was released simultaneously on iOS and Android, with Four very well differentiated tabs that allow us to use all the functions of a password manager from the screen start Simple, with a subtle and customizable design with everything you need in a swipe click.

On this home page, in fact, We can order content As we like, with different sections for Recently added passwords, ads, suggestions and most used passwords And more useful information so that we can better secure our online presence.

The experience begins with your new home screen, and we mean it when we say “your home screen”. When you open 1Password, you can hide, show, and rearrange everything you see there, and you can even pin specific fields to your posts for instant access from this screen.

1 password 8

1Password 8 has been completely revamped with a new interface and interesting integration with Gboard.

The latest most interesting novelty is great Gboard integration and autocomplete featureswhich is optimized for both Android and iOS Calculations automatically appear in the Google keyboard autocomplete row instead of the previous year One-password autofill.

This will make it much easier to use the password manager, because when you log in We can provide The password Quickly at the touch of a button on the keyboardwithout having to open other applications and obviously without having to type it in the text field.

In addition, 1Password now integrates with File A renewed experience for your role “Control tower”which will now provide us with a file A better view of our online security with warnings and notifications For hacked passwords, passwords we reused often, and the strength of our vault as a whole.

These actionable alerts are now expanded with a degree of security that gives users a comprehensive view of their overall security. Watchtower constantly evaluates key security data points (locally and without leaving the device) to calculate the score, and displays it so that users can take action to improve their security. This includes things like weak passwords, broken two-factor authentication, hacked passwords, and more.

Another new option is New tab from groupswhich facilitates Organize passwords between different vaults To keep separate and uncompromised our The password For example, our personal life and our work. also, A new floating button has also been included new item More integrated and friendly in the interface.

Like we said, if you want to have all these improvements You can’t wait for them to arrive automatically with the updateBecause AgileBits has published a new complete app in Play Store Manual installation required By following the link below.

Of course, although the update will be manually, as current users of this great password manager would expect, The encrypted password vaults we configured in the old version will be transferred automatically For the new application, which only requires entering the master password and reconfiguring the biometric authentication.

Free Download 1Password 8 from AgileBits | Google Play Store

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