All the differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Purple versions are known so far

All the differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Purple versions are known so far

After your advertisement in Presents the last pokemon and tons of recent newsAnd now we get more news about this long awaited game. As we mentioned these are the 9th generation games. They will be called Pokemon scarlet and purple Officially in Spanish and we now have news.

In this case, we were able to discover an assembly in which it is all Differences between versions known until now. At the moment there is not much information available about this release, but enough to find some changes between Scarlet and Purple.

All confirmed so far are as follows:

  • The biggest difference between the confirmed versions so far corresponds to the characters’ clothing: The default school uniform is different: One is orange and the other is purple. This sparked theories of rivalry between two local schools.
  • There seems to be another major difference orange and grape logos Shown in the game’s first trailer. They correspond to the characters’ uniforms and can also be related to the legends in each version.

  • This confirms it in practice “The Two Factions” They will be present in both versions of the game.
  • At the moment, Game Freak has not confirmed whether there will be An exclusive Pokemon for each versionalthough we already know 57 Pokemon from previous generations They come back at nine
  • We also don’t know if this batch will be implemented exchange system Allows us to get exclusive Pokemon for each version, if any

What is your opinion? Remember that these games are compatible with the 9th generation already in development, Pokemon scarlet and purple. It will launch ‘at the end of 2022’ on the Nintendo Switch, it’s still without an exact date and you have our full coverage of its premiere. here.


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