Android 12 may renew split-screen multitasking with “application pairs”

Android 12 may renew split-screen multitasking with "application pairs"

Google is said to be working on a revamped multitasking feature that will allow users to run app pairs in Android 12.

In Android 11, there is a split-screen feature that allows users to use two apps side by side. But the feature is a bit awkward in implementation, so Google is exploring other ideas.

to me 9to5Google, The search giant “is working on a complete revamp of Android 12’s split-screen system with a new feature called“ App Pairs. ”The current system installs one app and then launches another; on Android 12, app pairs will group two apps together to use as a single task.

“What this should mean is that you will be able to choose two of your recently opened applications to become a pair” 9to5Google He said. Once paired, you should be able to easily switch to one different app and then switch back to the pair you created.

9to5Google has created mockups that show what Android 12 app pairs might look like

We’ve seen other companies offer app pairing features before, so it wouldn’t be a new Google feature. Samsung introduced one of the best solutions – also called application pairs – which allowed users to create custom shortcuts for two apps of their choice. It is not clear if the App Pairs feature of Android 12 will provide users with the same flexibility.

to me 9to5Google’s Information, the Android 12 app pairs system will have a splitter that users can modify. “This barrier is actually gaining more functionality, allowing you to quickly switch the positions of the two apps by double-clicking the screen.”

We’ll likely get a glimpse of what Android 12 has in store relatively soon. Last year, the first Android 11 Developer Preview was released in mid-February, which is nearly a month away. If Google sticks to a similar schedule, we might see pairs of apps up and running in a few weeks.

If you want a possible glimpse into Android 12’s rumored app pairs feature right now, 9to5Google Creating a mockup is helpful, which we included above.

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