Android | 5 apps that slow down your Android phone | sports game

Android |  5 apps that slow down your Android phone |  sports game

do you have a cellphone With RAM less than 4 GB? Do you know why it slows down all the time? The answer may be applications. Many applications contain many resources and that is why they should be deleted immediately.

According to the gate The devices that tend to become slow are the ones that don’t have much RAM or internal storage. So It is recommended to uninstall these applications.

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  • Facebook: Often times Facebook, with each update, tends to offer more in-app resources. While current phones can run with all possible animations, older phones tend to be a bit slow. For this you can use Facebook Lite.
  • Antivirus: Currently, security patches tend to prevent viruses from entering your mobile device. However, many download an alternative antivirus for their cell phones. It tends to run constantly and tirelessly, forcing it to use more resources than RAM, which slows down your Android phone.
Remember to always install the lite versions of your main apps. (Photo: Mag/Rommel Yupanke)
  • Storage Cleaners: This type of app just cleans your smartphone’s cache. However, if you reopen this app, it will continue to use the resources it used before without cleaning it.
  • Facebook Messenger: Floating windows or bubbles also tend to slow down your device. By working in the background, it ensures that your mobile device stays on even when not in use.
  • Games: All video games tend to consume resources. The best thing that you can do, if you have a mobile phone with less than 4GB of RAM, is not to download it because it is too heavy.

What do you do when the cell phone is very slow?

according to What you should do when your mobile phone is very slow is Reboot the phone normally and check the apps:

  1. Restart the phone.
  2. Uninstall recently downloaded apps one by one.
  3. After removing all of them, restart the phone normally.
  4. Once you remove the app that is causing the problem, you can reinstall the other apps you removed.

How do I make my ANDROID device faster?

Android slow? Location teach you how to do Make your mobile phone run faster:

  1. Shutdown and restart.
  2. hanging Android always updated.
  3. If any app crashes, you should close it.
  4. Uninstall apps you don’t use.
  5. Control which applications start automatically.
  6. Use lite versions of your favorite apps.
  7. Cleaning Android Carefully.


according to access Settings Android And look for the “Reset” option. It is usually found in General Administration, Additional Settings, or Security (each file Android It’s a world.) Select the option similar to Factory Data Reset. This option deletes everything you have saved on the phone.

Why does my phone turn off so often?

to fix Cell phone This is too slow or works a lotYou can try a few tips ranging from restarting the device to resetting it to its factory state, the site notes. . one phone It can become sluggish for multiple reasons. Bad apps, temperature, SD card usage, storage full, etc.

What is the hole at the top of the cell phone screen

  • Many assert that he is a speaker; But they were wrong.
  • The opening above your cell phone plays an important role in your everyday communications: it’s the earpiece.
  • This is many times, on Android terminals it is usually quite long, while on iPhones it does not take up much space.
  • Likewise, when making a call, it works in conjunction with the small holes above and below your cell phone.
  • Of course, when you decide to use the speaker, the sound of your friend or family member will not come out through that hole, but through the bottom speaker.

How to hide your name from WhatsAPP groups

  • The first thing will be to enter this site .
  • Select what is in the box and copy it.
  • At that moment you should enter WhatsApp.
  • Click on Settings and from there on Profile.
  • You will be given the option to edit your name.
  • At that time, the previously copied text should be pasted.
  • You’d better stick it as many times as you like.

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