Android: Guide to Using Google Translate Offline | Applications | Applications | hack | wander | guide | Mexico | Spain | sports game

Android: Guide to Using Google Translate Offline |  Applications |  Applications |  hack |  wander |  guide |  Mexico |  Spain |  sports game

The internet is everywhere and it is best to try not to rely on data. If you have traveled abroad, especially where your language is not spoken, there will be circumstances in which you will use Google Translate on your phone . The problem is that you have no data and less signal. What can you do? Is there a solution to not rely on the computer?

Few users Android They know that Google Translate has an offline mode, which allows you to download the languages ​​you need to translate anything. The option works with both Apple iOS and . devices .

The first thing you should do is download the Google Translate app from the official Google Play Store . I did, let’s move on to the steps.

ANDROID | How to download languages ​​in Google Translate

  • Open the Translator app on your phone.
  • Tap the three lines in the upper left corner if you have Android. If you are using an iOS device, just tap on the Settings section in the lower right area.
  • A new menu will appear. Go to translation offline.
  • Choose the languages ​​you want to download. The system may ask you for permission to use the phone storage.
  • Download finished, you can see it in the list. You can remove it using the trash button next to the language name.

nothing else. You can now use Google Translate even when you don’t have an internet connection or a phone line.

ANDROID | free apps

  • (0.99 USD): With this special edition of Livemocha, you can learn more about the language of your choice in just a few days.
  • ($0.99) : An app that automatically generates and resizes the text on your screen so you can get all the attention in the world with your ads.
  • ($4.99 .) ) : This application allows you to scan documents through your smartphone’s camera.
  • ($2.99) : Put an end to accidental touches on the sides of the screen by marking the areas where the smartphone ignores your fingers or hands. Ben explained how the app works in more detail in this article.
  • ($1.49) : A beautiful animation app that helps improve the look of your smartphone with bubbles. You will be able to customize the bubble charging animations by changing their size and colors or set alerts for a specific charge level.
  • ( 0.99 USD ) – This app turns your Android default navigation bar into a cool navigation bar with awesome slideshows, animations and power bar.
  • ( $2.29 ) – This easy-to-use app increases your productivity by reminding you of everything you need at the right time. Set notifications for deadlines, meetings, and more. It also provides a useful tool, backups, and daily summaries.

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