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You still get those annoying business calls, even when you’ve already told the advisor that you’re not interested in getting their product or service, because apparently they don’t understand and will insist again later. When your cell phone rings, it is difficult to know if it is a personal or business number, since companies try to contact you using different unknown numbers, however, did you know that you can avoid spam calls from your mobile phone ? It’s something we will teach you now.

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It is a function that appeared a long time ago, first in the United States and later to the rest of the world, but most users who have a mobile phone with an operating system They don’t know it because this tool to avoid spam calls is hidden among the settings.

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It is important to clarify that this tool acts as an anti-spam filter, as it helps you to ignore or terminate all business calls. How it works? Simple, when you receive a call from an unknown number you will be able to see it on the main screen if it is from a company, as well as the reason for calling you, although the company is not obligated to specify the latter.

How to avoid business calls or spam

  • Enter the calling app for Android (Where you mark the numbers).
  • Now, tap on the three vertical dots present in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, however, click “Settings”.
  • Click here on the “Caller ID and Spam” section.
  • Finally, select the Verified Calls option.

Ready, it will be, you will now know when a commercial number calls you, it is up to you if you want to block it so that you do not receive offers of its products or services again. It should be noted that this function is available in the latest versions of Android Such as: 10.0. , 11.0. and 12.0.

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