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Every time someone wants to send a text they turn to it In order to chat with family, friends or co-workers, it is also used to make calls and video calls, something that many could not have imagined for more than 20 years.

But not only that, in You can also access endless functions such as photos or videos that disappear as soon as your friends see them, as well as activate messages that self-destruct within a week if they are not opened by your contacts.

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The app is now releasing new emojis that will be added little by little on all the devices in the world. However, there are details worth clarifying.

Did you notice the red circle emoji ? This symbol is often used as a simple geometric figure, but tonality tends to represent other things. Here we will explain it to you.

What does the red circle symbol mean on WhatsApp?

In order to find out the meaning of all the emojis in the world, it is necessary to turn to a well-known website that is responsible for the compilation of all the icons of the WhatsApp application and which are generated by Unicode: .

Depending on the source, the red circle or also known as red circle It is used many times to tell a person to stop doing a certain activity.

Find out what the red circle icons really mean on WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)

The website also states that the red circle represents a stop sign when someone is on a highway, much like a traffic light.

red circle Approved as part of In 2010 under the name “Big Red Circle” and was added to in 2015.

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