Android | Why can’t I send or receive text messages on my phone: Find out | OS | technology | trick | solutions | nda | nnni | sports game

Android |  Why can’t I send or receive text messages on my phone: Find out |  OS |  technology |  trick |  solutions |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

When you cannot send or receive an SMS through your mobile device, you immediately blame the operator that provides you with phone services, this is normal, because if the signal from that company constantly fails, you will feel that you are “compromising” However, your money in Often due to traditional reasons not related to the operator’s network, but due to some errors that mobile phones suffer . On this occasion, we will explain from Depor why you cannot send SMS messages and what are the possible solutions that will put an end to this inconvenience. Take note.

Although there are different instant messaging applications currently and the most used are the following: WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram direct messages, these belong to the same Mark Zuckerberg company, we refer to “Meta”, which is frequently dropped and affects all the servers we mentioned above. It is here when you begin to use or communicate through That’s why it’s always good for them to stay active in different situations.

What to do if you can’t send or receive text messages on your cell phone

Before getting started, check if you have no outstanding debts, good coverage in your area or Airplane mode is not activated, these are the main reasons for not being able to send or receive SMS.

  • SIM card: It’s possible that after a hit from your device the SIM card has moved and that’s why you can’t access the network, an easy way to check if you have a signal is to look at the bar on the top right, if the number is zero or with an X, it means that The smartphone does not recognize the SIM card, it is also possible that this component has broken.
  • Force stop the messaging app: All mobile phones have a default Messages app, and surely it suffered from some failures that prevent you from receiving or sending messages, so, stop it by entering “Settings” > “Applications” > Find SMS app > and tap “Force stop” > Activate it again.
  • full storage: Delete photos, videos, documents, etc., any multimedia file that you don’t use, because if there is no storage space on your cell phone, the messages will not reach you because it also takes up space.
  • Clear Cache: When an app records a lot of cache data, it usually has errors, do the following: Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > tap on “SMS” app > “Storage” > and tap on “Clear cache” “.

Why does your partner own my calculator app?

  • One of the reasons is that the external calculator app has more features than the default one, which is why your partner chose this feature.
  • Another reason and in the worst case is that it is a “fake” app, it means that it appears to be a calculator.
  • There are apps on Google Play that disguise itself nicely as a simple calculator on your smartphone, you can even perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc., but if you enter a secret key and press equals (=), it will free up new space on your cell phone.
  • From here you can hide photos and videos from your device’s main gallery. Here is a list of fake calculator apps:
  • Calculator: Hide Pictures.
  • “Calculator Vault: App Hider”.
  • “Calculator – Hide Pictures”.
  • Secret Calculator Photo Videos.
  • Secret Locker Calculator.
  • “WSLT Secret Calculator”.

Steps to change the order of the navigation buttons

  • First enter “Settings” or “Settings” of your phone Android.
  • Now, tap on the section that says “Screen”.
  • Scroll down and tap on the option called Navigation Bar.

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