Ane Olaeta, captain of California Baptist Lancer, team unbeaten


toLike California Baptist Lancer Making history by signing on The perfect regular season. 22 wins, no losses To become campeonas de la Western Athletic Conference From Division I of the NCAA. Line it He wants to prolong the conference championship, Which will be held starting Friday in Las Vegas and at WNIT, a tournament they have attended since they were excluded from the NCAA final stage because they had only been in the First Division for a few years. In this team still unbeaten, Ane Olaeta (Guernica, 1999) Main role. It is the helm of the team. Biscayan rule determines times for this high-speed team that never stops adding wins. Team success is rewarded with individual success. The gernikarra was named after The best player in WAC and the best assistant in the entire NCAA.

Olita Underestimating these good benefits It recognizes that it is largely due to the proper functioning of the group:My teammates give the deciding passes because they put everything into it. It is not difficult to provide decisive passes in this team because there are very good shooters. “ Always putting the team ahead of their individual brilliance For this reason, it gives more importance to the victories achieved than to the Best Player award in Wydad. “It is obvious that it is great and I am grateful, but it was not my biggest goal this year. My goal was to win the Wydad title with my team. The goal is to win matches and the championship,” she says.

Win and win again. It’s the dynamic that Lancer lives in. The victories do not stop happening and come full of morale in the final tournaments after a pure regular stage. “This season is great. The truth is, we didn’t expect that we would go that far this year and not lose a match. It wasn’t among our goals, but once we got here, we want to keep winning, “says Oletta.On Friday, he will play the semi-finals of the WAC Championship against the University of New Mexico If they win, they will face the winner of the duel between Utah Valley and the Grand Canyon in the final tomorrow.

Looking to the future

Olaeta currently lives Fourth year at the American University This session will finish the course. His intention is to continue with basketballBut his future, although close, remains uncertain. “I don’t want to think about it because I want to focus on the matches I have right now. I want to keep playing, but I don’t know where I will be next year, “ identify. What is clear is that upon his return he will see a very different player from him He made his debut at only 16 in the Women’s League, wearing a Guernica jersey. “I think I grew up as a player, but of course I have to improve a lot of things. The level there, compared to the level here, I’m sure it is much better. Although I want to keep playing and enjoying what I do I do,” she says. Lancer base.

But the American experience not only achieved Olita’s growth as a basketball player. These four years made him grow as a person, as well as serving him Advance your studies and master your language. “At the moment, the English language is perfect, but in the first year it was difficult for me. I want to be an Andereño with a career that confirms this to me. Outside of basketball, I’m very happy with my friends and everything else. ”Years ago:“If you want to dream big, come to the United States. It is an amazing experience. Not only are you learning another culture, you are also learning a lot about yourself. ”Lessons learned on and off the field that help Olaeta grow as a person and as a player, becoming one of the standout names for an unbeaten team.

“We did not expect that we would go that far this year and not lose a match.”

“I think I’ve grown as a player these years, but of course I have to improve a lot of things.”

Ane Olaeta

CBU Lancer player

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