Animal Crossing: New Horizons will also celebrate Hinamatsuri, Saint Patrick, and Pi Day – Nintenderos


In the most recent Nintendo DirectX The new content has been confirmed to be popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Which will allow players to decorate our islands with new content from Super Mario Bros. However, there are other celebrations to look out for in the coming weeks.

Nintendo She confirmed that she will celebrate Hinamatsuri From February 25 to March 3 with new content from the Peach Festival, which you can see in the following image:

On March 17th, the Irish holiday was known as Saint Patrick’s Day, Represented by a famous three-leaf clover. During this season, from March 10-17, players will be able to purchase soda, bars and rugs for St. Patrick’s Day; Plus exclusive clothes.

Also on March 14th, day Bay (π) In many countries, in memory of the mathematical constant that relates the radius of a circle to its diameter. at Animal Crossing: New Horizons We can also celebrate math this day with Pi Cake, which you can see below:

Also, as a thanks to those who downloaded update 1.8.0, your fans can feel like Mario starting February 25th with these rewards. Super Mario Bros.:

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