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It was announced in a press release that aniplex You will buy the video game development department at Delight works. The developer will launch first as a new company (That is, Delight Works will allocate a portion of its assets, liabilities and capital to the new company), and then aniplex You will buy this new company and make it your wholly owned subsidiary.

The new company will continue to develop the video game for smartphones Fate/Grand Medal, and will become the video game production committee aniplexAnd Notes (Company Name for the Creative Circle of Type-Moon) The new company is still unnamed. Both companies expect to complete the transfer of ownership by next spring, pending approval from related parties.

Furthermore, Delight Works will continue to work on its other projects outside of the game development department. On the other side, Fate/Grand Medal It is one of the largest and most successful video games for smartphones in Japan, and is based on the franchise Destiny / stay the night From moon type, albeit with an entirely new story and an expanded world. aniplex It has already distributed this video game in Japan since 2015, and it was released in English in June 2017.

Current subsidiaries of aniplex studies include A-1 Photo s CloverforksVideo game company four aand distributor Aniplex America. He also founded CG Animation, the border, in March 2020, while Sony Owns aniplex via Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

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