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app |  What does code 012 that users share on WhatsApp and Instagram mean |  social networks |  stories |  jobs |  Tools |  Play DEPOR

It’s very easy to do The WhatsApp The thing that young people usually use is very widespread, because we are talking about an instant messaging platform that has more than four billion users around the world, so on this occasion, it was possible to know that in application cases, the code will be “012”, you would love to know its true meaning ? It’s something we’ll explain to you from Depor right away.

Remember that it is not just an emoticon that is shared as a message or a status by WhatsApp, many Instagram users also post it as a note on the aforementioned social network, but there is not only “012”, there are 25 more emoticons in the next opportunity that we will detail.

“012” is not a number related to an illegal act or a bad luck symbolbut it refers to a letter, specifically the first letter of the name of the person you love or love.

What does the number “012” mean in WhatsApp and Instagram

  • This trend originated from TikTok, although users started spreading it through WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • he “012” It represents the letter “B” of the alphabet.
  • because? The reasons are unknown, but this does not mean that “013” is “C”, the code “099” is used for this letter.
  • If your crush or crush’s name starts with the letter ‘B’, this is a good reason to add them to your WhatsApp story or Instagram note.
  • Want to know more about these strange numbers? We will tell you little by little so that you have no doubts about the above apps.

How to avoid receiving unwanted messages on WhatsApp

  • The first thing you need to do, in the case of a one-on-one chat, is get into that conversation.
  • Then, just go to the chat where they are sending you those spam messages.
  • At that time go to the points above, in the top corner.
  • Now just block it.
  • In case it is a group, just open the conversation.
  • Open the description and tap Mute.
  • You must choose that you want to silence him forever.
  • Now with that, when spam arrives, it won’t download or ring on your phone.

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