Our satellite may be in danger, and this is what scientists plan to do on its surface – Enseñame de Ciencia

Our satellite may be in danger, and this is what scientists plan to do on its surface – Enseñame de Ciencia

One of the greatest achievements of mankind is to cross the sky to cross the universe.

The technology developed for such a feat is amazing, from telescopes so powerful they allow us to see celestial bodies so far from our planet, to having the human race step on the surface of the moon. This feat led specialized experts from different countries in competition against the time of their rival countries.

according to debateIt was not until April 8, 2023 that China, one of the most populous countries with the best government support for technological development, announced that it had chosen to integrate humans as an interplanetary race, giving the next step in space travel.

This powerhouse has been preparing for something impressive for decades, and they haven’t come close to it until the past few decades. The construction of the Tiangong space station, which will not be more or less than the moon. Since 2007, with the launch of the first Chan’E space probe, many space missions have been continuously and successfully put into orbit, one of the most important of which was the landing of two rovers on our natural satellite to sample lunar material. for your studies.

With such developments, it is expected from this Asian country that the upcoming space probes will begin to strengthen the foundations of the future space station, which is set to serve as a bridge between the Earth and the Moon. These missions are scheduled to be launched during this decade.

In 2025, the possibility of sending another robot to collect lunar samples is being considered, but this time to the dark side of the moon, while in 2026 it will start searching for water at the bottom of lunar craters. And around 2028, it is planned to send the Chang’e 8 mission to lay the first “lunar brick” and thus begin this amazing construction, according to South China Morning Post.

This base is expected to be located at one of the poles of this natural satellite, at the South Pole to be more specific. Nuclear energy will be used to feed it by developing a new energy system that allows for sustainable energy demand and prolonging the energy period that this plant will witness.

There is no accurate data about this energy project, because China and its government are a very secretive country with new technological developments, although some official reports from space agency experts indicate that this supply system will have the capacity to generate up to 1 megawatt (million watts). ) of energy per year, energy that can power hundreds of homes, according to data obtained from National Geographic In his article, the Chinese lunar base will be powered by nuclear power.

Although the developments are impressive, there is still a lot that scientists must take into account to realize such a project, from the low gravity, the waterless existence on the surface, the strong cosmic radiation, and even the frequent lunar tremors that this celestial body presents. The road is long, but progress is being made step by step, and although we do not know how everything will end, we are confident that no harm will be done to our satellite.

fountain: South China Morning Post

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