Apple is preparing an iPhone subscription, according to Mark Gorman

Apple is preparing an iPhone subscription, according to Mark Gorman

You may not buy your next iPhone, you can subscribe to it. Mark Gorman has been found Clues on what could be Apple’s first hardware subscription service, which We were paying monthly for the iPhone. The plan is to launch this service in late 2022 or early 2023.

One subscription to rule them all

This subscription can Convince a lot of people that they can’t buy an iPhone for money, but you can pay a monthly fee. It would be a good alternative to phone financing, which is increasingly common and usually plagued by the interests and terms of the bank that not everyone meets.

This could also be an asset to Facing Longer iPhone Update Periods. Consumers have used it for about two years in the past, but now There are not many innovations They extend that life to three or four years on average. The subscription will allow consumers to renew the iPhone more often.

The service can also be combined into a file Deal of subscriptions, like Apple One, that offer both hardware, software, and services for a single monthly fee. One subscription to rule them all, Maximum customer loyalty.

For now, Bloomberg explains, the subscription is in the development stage, so there should be rough edges and details to be polished. Maybe we’ll know something when it arrives iPhone 14 In September, but for now it’s looking fun.

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