How can you prevent your cell phone from recording what you say?

How can you prevent your cell phone from recording what you say?

It looks like a file voice assistants In the cell phone They are here to stay and do simpler tasks like searching the internet, playing music or even turning off the lights in the house. “Charm” siriAnd the Alexa or Google Assistant achieved thanks recognition software It is programmed with artificial intelligence and is increasingly used by users. However, there is a downside, it can be Sign Up Whatever you say. We tell you how you can know if you are being spied on and how to avoid it.

These types of software are also called body caresince it “feeds” on users’ search habits, use of apps on tablets, computers and of course smart phones.

Although it can be very convenient to use a file voice assistantsThere are some issues Privacy It can be overlooked when using these tools, so we’ll explain how you can disable this feature.

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Voice assistants privacy issue

It should be noted that voice assistants They are in themselves not a problem, what causes discomfort is the time and moments in which they are active because it is possible, by mistake, that cell phone I heard voice command Or also, by not reading the terms and conditions, we accept that these programs have the ability to learn our passwords and even read our emails.

What happens is that there are occasions where attendees are recording audio, in search of a better user experience, even when they are not connected to it. Internet.

Fortunately, there are very simple ways disable Assistants and record their activity, so the next time you shout “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” or talk to Alexa, they no longer answer, so you don’t record anything you’re talking about.

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How to disable Google Assistant

in you cell phoneopen the app Google Assistant saying “okay GoogleSetup Wizard.

Click on the “Voice Match Settings” option and uncheck the “Welcome” box Google”.

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Notably, if you say “Okay, Google“Nothing appears, because because of Assistant It is not activated.

After deactivating the assistant, do not forget to delete its voice and audio activity logs:

Enter an application Google From cell phone And tap your profile picture in the top right.

Select “Settings” and then Google Assistant.

Go to the “Your data in the Assistant” option, go to “Audio Recordings” and select “No”.

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In the same option, go to “Listen or delete activity” and choose whether you want to delete all data now, or more often.

If you click on the Manage Activity option, you will find a list of everything you said and even the option to play audios.

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How to disable Siri

go to the “setting“select option”siri and search”.

We recommend that you deactivate the three commands that appear in the menu: “When you hear Hello siri“,” Press the side button to open siri” And the “siri With a locked screen.

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In addition, you can also disable suggestions siri:

Back in “Settings”, re-select “siri and search” and deactivate the options: “Search suggestions”, “Consult suggestions” and “Lock screen suggestions”.

How to disable Alexa

Being an external application in a file cell phoneYou can disable it simply by deleting it. However, before doing that, you can delete your audio history from “setting“And there, who”Privacy From AlexaYou can disable the permissions.

Now you will have Safety This at any given time you cell phone It will listen to you and record all your activity, although we remind you that you still have activity logs in your searches and apps, so before downloading any app it is always a good idea to check their privacy policies Privacy.

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