Android | How to charge your cell phone when there is no light | Applications | Smartphones | trick | wander | nda | nnni | sports game

Android |  How to charge your cell phone when there is no light |  Applications |  Smartphones |  trick |  wander |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

Did the electricity go out and not come back until tomorrow? The They currently have a battery that can last up to two days. While this is a benefit, it can also be a nuisance to others, especially if we run out of energy.

What can we do? Calm and calm. For this reason, we will give you several steps to be able to download a file Even in the absence of electric flux. Take these measurements.

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How to charge your Android phone when it runs out of power

  • Charging in the car: If we don’t have lighting in our homes, we can charge our Android mobile from any car. We just have to connect the cell phone to the USB port and that’s it.
  • reverse charge: Although some devices do not have it, reverse charging has become one of the options for power sharing. Best of all, you can distribute the battery to another cell phone either by cable or wirelessly.
  • Max battery: Many of us have an external battery in our homes that we don’t use. It is always a good idea to charge it in case of any inconvenience with the light. Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Type C port to charge it.


  • Every time you tap on Reading Mode on your Android phone, you will see that your screen turns yellow.
  • This way you can lower the white levels on your Android device, so that you can read all your notifications and, why not, your books on your cell phone.
  • The difference between the Blue Filter is that the Reading Mode comes from a single shade, while the Blue Filter can be gradient.
  • You can also select Reading Mode to quickly change your cell phone tone to black and white.
  • With it, you will also be able to save a bit of battery since your device won’t turn on for fun when you get a call or message.

What is the Quick Share function in an ANDROID phone?

  • With the Quick Share function, you can quickly share photos and videos.
  • To do this, simply press the button by swiping down in the notification bar.
  • When enabled, you can choose whether you want to share documents with your friends, contacts, or a specific person.
  • At that moment, Quick Share will ask you for the photo or video you want to share.
  • Once selected, just wait for the photo to load on your cell phone and go to your partner’s photos.
  • Best of all, despite the heavy weight, you can scroll through photos and videos quickly, in seconds.

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