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Argentina will face the Canadian women’s team at the Reforma Athletics Club in Newcastle, Mexico, on October 19 in the second match of the T20 Women’s World Cup qualifiers in the United States.

The Argentine woman achieved mixed results in her T20 campaign. They have won 3 matches so far and lost 2 T20 matches. At the risk of qualifying for the World Cup, Argentina will come out on top with their best match and finish first and second in the points table. His team has the maximum team total of 208/4 against Mexico.

Meanwhile, Canadian women are very new to this limited form of the sport in international cricket. They were only able to play in one series against the United States, as they were disqualified in all three matches. However, they have some good hitters on their team in Canada for this match and they want to dominate and beat the team.

Details of the Argentina vs Canada Women’s Girls Competition

To suit: Argentine women’s vs Canada women’s game, second match.

date and time: Thursday, October 19, 2021 at 12:30 AM IST.

Location: Reform Sports Club, Calpan, Mexico.

Argentina Women’s Weather Forecast vs Canada Women

Cold weather between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius will be welcomed to both parties at this meeting. It will be a good match between the bat and the ball and the bowlers will have a great share of their victory in the crucial stages of the match.

Argentine vs Canadian women offer report

The place has narrow boundaries and the monuments take advantage of them. Shooters need to find the correct lines and lengths to hit some wickets. It will be an exciting battle between bowlers and bowlers.

argentine women vs canada women potential xi

argentine women

Argentina women’s national team captain Veronica Vazquez is one of the most promising players to score third place in her squad. Alisson Stokes is expected to lead the bowling attack and perform better with the ball.

play eleven: Veronica Vasquez (English), Giulietta Colin, Maria Casteros, Albertina Kalin, Catalina Crillone, Lucia Iglesias, Mariana Martinez, Malina Lolo, Constanta Sosa, Alison Stokes, Lucia Taylor

Canada women

Captain Kamna Mirchandani will reach fourth for his team and will also open a bowling alley. It is also one of the off-roads to consider in this game. Sania Jia has been great on her last run and can be trusted to do even better.

play eleven: Kamna Mirchandani (C), Divya Saxena (VC), Hala Esmat, Mohrouk Imtiaz, Grima Kapadia, Myriam Jokar, Yasmin Oldham, Akini Pereira, Sonali Vick, Sana Jaber, Sania Zia

Predict the Argentina and Canada Women’s Contest

Canada has yet to win the T20 Tour. Argentina will show their first match in this match to gain an early advantage in this match. By comparison, Argentina has the best hitters and bowlers, and they will change the game.

List of details and live streaming channels for Argentine women vs Canadian women


Live broadcast: fan code.

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