Call forwarding: Find out if you are being spied on and what is this cell phone function

Call forwarding: Find out if you are being spied on and what is this cell phone function

The Call forwarding It can be very useful in emergency situations; However, a stranger can activate this feature to check the numbers you are talking to on your phone. cell phone without noticing. in OneTV We explain how to identify it and what to do so that it does not happen with help cipher ## 002 #.

What is call forwarding?

Before understanding how to configure your cell phone to avoid strategies to spyIt is necessary to understand whatCall forwardingThis is a service that allows redirection All calls from you flat line to another line of your choice.

This way, the calls they make to you will go directly to cell phone from the person you chose. While this feature can be useful in cases of low battery or device loss, it also increases the risk of someone else activating this feature to make a mistake. registration of the people who are with you Connection.

How is the “Call Forwarding” option activated?

Next, we show you how to activate the option “Call forwardingSo you can also determine if this option is active in a file cell phone.

On your iOS mobile phone (iPhone)

  • Go to the “Settings” app
  • Find the “Phone” section.
  • In the “Calls” menu, go to “Call forwarding”
  • Turn on the “Call Forwarding” button
  • Enter ‘forward to’ and type in the number you want to forward your calls to

On your Android cell phone

  • Enter the “Phone” application
  • Select the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen
  • go to settings”
  • Go to “Phone Accounts”
  • Choose the “Call Forwarding” option
  • Choose your phone number
  • Four options will appear: ‘Always forward’, ‘When busy’, ‘When no answer’ and ‘When no answer’
  • Select the desired option and type in the number you want to forward your calls to

How do I deactivate the “Call Forwarding” option with the code ##002#?

If an unknown person activates the option “Call forwarding’, there is a code that can identify it, as well as another that allows you to deactivate it from your “Phone” app cell phone. This mechanism works for both devices Android As for the Iphone.

Determine if your mobile phone has been spied by using *#21#

The first step in disabling this feature is to determine if someone is forwarding your calls from someone else cell phone with the Code ##002#. In this way, the cell phone itself will tell you if the function is activated. In case all sections say “handicapped“You can rest easy, because”Call forwarding“Not in office.

  • Enter the “Phone” application
  • On the keypad, enter the code *#21# and press the button to call
  • Iphone: Check if the Configuration Request Action Was Executed Correctly section says “Activated” or “Inactive”
  • Android: Check it in the message “Information. From the operator ”All partitions appear in “Not Sent”
  • If the option “Play” or “Forward” appears, the function is active and someone can monitor your calls

Deactivate this option with the code ##002#

The last step to bypassCall forwardingof your cell phone by entering the code # 002 # on the keypad of your mobile phone to verify that the said function has been cancelled.

  • Enter the “Phone” application
  • On the keyboard, enter the code * # 21 #
  • Iphone: If successful, a menu with all options will appear saying “Delete Action Configuration Performed Correctly”
  • Android: If successful, a menu will appear that says: “Connection Redirect”. It was deleted successfully.” Remember it in case Iphonejust go back to the phone settings to turn off the button for this function, while you are in Android It is only necessary to deactivate the four conversion options.

in this way, You terminate all call forwarding on your cell phone, whether you have activated it or not. This is a really useful function because you avoid the risk of anyone spying on the numbers you are calling and could misuse them.

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