Capcom Village Resident Evil and Sony firman un acuerdo anti Xbox Game Pass?


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Just over two weeks after launch Resident Evil Village We come to tell you something that is currently being highly commented on on social networks and in video game forums around the world.

As you already know, the Resident Evil Village Show is performed by Capcom with Sony and PlayStation consoles. Both the presentation trailers and the first demos were exclusive to these platforms, which is something that often happens with many versions from both companies, and we can say this is normal. What doesn’t seem normal is the supposed leaked contract between Capcom and Sony in which the terms the two companies signed are subject to the launch of Resident Evil Village. At the moment, we take this information with caution, should these documents or the like be modified.

Resident Evil Village vetado de Xbox Game Pass

One of the terms of this alleged contract will go directly against Xbox Game Pass and thus Xbox users. A paragraph directly quotes a Microsoft subscription service and sets clear terms so that it will not access the service:

The publisher is prohibited from licensing or in any way encouraging the inclusion of the game in the catalogs of services competing for Sony Interactive Entertainment activities such as Game Pass, Xbox LIVE Gold, Google Stadia PRO, or xCloud.

According to this leak, Sony reserves some right of first refusal in its favor as it may have preference when adding Resident Evil Village in the future to the PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now catalog. We reiterate at the present time that we want to be cautious with this information and recommend the same at the expense of Capcom or Sony’s judgment of this information.

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