Microsoft is a new Microsoft Store that is more open and flexible with developers, according to Windows Central


The Windows app store For years it has suffered from a shortage of important catalogs and titles. This is partly due to restrictions and requirements Microsoft places you in this distribution channel. Now this will change according to New report, Microsoft is a more open store for all kinds of apps and games.

It has also been collected And Jinpetta, Microsoft is working on it A new store for Windows 10 with a new interface and above all, policy changes for developers. Target? Encourage users and developers to use the store more as a conduit for discovering and distributing apps and games.

Initially, Microsoft Store was introduced with Windows 8 and Windows Phone to be so Application discovery and distribution center to link your computer to your smartphone. Things didn’t go as Microsoft expected with Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Hence, the App Store has also become forgotten.

In addition to this, there are many applications and games in the Microsoft Store It can be obtained easily in other ways. For example, Office suite or games also found on Xbox, Steam, or other video game stores. The result is a store that does not currently offer a unique value to go to to download or purchase what a user needs.

This report coincides with other rumors and Changes prepared by Microsoft. For example, The project called “Sun Valley” Through which it seeks to give A major facelift for the OS In the same year. Store redesign could be one of the changes we’re seeing.

More open and tolerant of developers

Aside from the redesign of the interface, one of the big changes expected for this new store is lPolicy Microsoft will follow with the developers. That is, what requirements will it impose in order for them to be able to publish their applications and games in the store. Until now, with a relatively strict system similar to Apple’s with its own app store, many developers have preferred to publish their apps independently without going through Microsoft’s filters.

In principle, this new store will be very much More open, Without the developers having to use Microsoft’s specified packaging system and without the need to use its own update mechanisms. Instead, they will be able to use different file formats and independently manage the updated content or payment methods.

The latter is One of the biggest dilemmas with app stores Apple, for example. He is currently on Epic Games full trial Related to it. They also have regulators from different regions that are studying the extent of store closures and how this affects competition. Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to be on this side, and indeed it really is Self-styled on behalf of Epic Games in a way.

More information | Windows Central

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