Carlos Gomez scored the first goal of many in the United States: watch it

Carlos Gomez scored the first goal of many in the United States: watch it

Carlos Andres Gomezone of the great “jewels” that Millonarius’ quarry left for the future, He was on the lips of many again. The former ‘Azul’ player, after leaving the club and going to Real Salt Lake in the United States, established himself as a key player and all that was lacking was his goal to continue shining.

actually, He got it on US soil. He had already made several assists with his team, but the outstanding task was to sing the sacred cry to the delight of his fans. Luckily, He said “present” in a 3-1 home win over the San Jose Earthquakes.

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The amazing goal of Carlos Gomez

20-year-old Chocoano He was responsible for putting the cherry on the cake until the score, Score the last goal of the night. Before, he had to assist teammate Jefferson Savarino for the locals’ second goal.

For his part, Gomez took advantage of the great team play on the left wing. At the end of the walls, in the attacking left zone, they sent the ball to Gomez so that he would not balance on the edge of the zone. He managed to get out of his mark and finished off the opposition goal with his left foot. A wonderful non-attacking ball to the goalkeeper of the “Earthquakes”.

The previous assist was from Costa Rican international Brian Oviedo.

How many goals did he score?

For Gomez, this is his first goal in the North American region, In addition to the implementation of three assists in 8 matches (Since he started MLS, he’s always been a starter.)

It must be remembered that in Millionaires he played a total of 57 matches, He scored 12 goals and added 5 assists. He left at the beginning of the year for the United States, and the fans are very fond of him. Congratulations to Carlos!

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