Carlos Guzmán presents a new technology project for high school students athletes | Aharon

Carlos Guzmán presents a new technology project for high school students athletes |  Aharon

Carlos Guzmán continues his mission to apply sports technology to the physical preparation of Puerto Rican athletes.

Now, the Physical and Athletic Performance Coordination, Assessment, and Performance specialist wants to make the nation’s public and private schools available all of their resources to conduct – for free – physical aptitude assessments using the American system known as SPARQ (Speed, Agility, Force Reaction) for top-level student-athletes.

“There is a project in the United States dedicated to investigating the athletic ability of high school football players known as SPARQ, which measures speed, strength, agility, reaction and outburst of an athlete with the goal of creating a data profile to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and properly prepare them to be drafted into the NCAA. It is done in Puerto Rico and I want to apply it in high schools here.” speaker.

The plan is for the physical trainer to attend ten schools per week – with a class of 12 to 15 student-athletes – in the laboratory at Ana G. Mendez University, in Turabo, where he teaches coach certification courses in the methodology and science of athletic training.

Guzmán wants to offer an alternative to assess a student’s athletic ability through a suite of tests that use high technology, such as the Bosco platform, automatic timing system, force accelerometers, heart rate monitors and a lactate machine.

“The data file lift tests are basic: measuring body fat composition and doing a 20-meter run, vertical jump, medicine ball throw test and agility running,” he said. It is awarded to all students in team sports, although it also includes tennis and combat, for example, to promote better physical preparation.

The project aims to be implemented on Friday morning from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm or in the afternoon from 1 pm until 4 pm between the months of March and May. At the moment, it is only intended for public or private schools.

“I do this for free. Technology in team sports is very advanced, but we are completely behind, and I, as a coach and researcher interested in applying technology, want to contribute to this improvement,” Guzman said.

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