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We recently received it Some amazing statements from Masahiro Sakurai, Director of Super Smash Bros. As he seemed to give up, he would soon retire. Well, now we get more information on this topic.

IGN He analyzed the translation of these words, shared in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, and it seems that some of his comments were misinterpreted in the first initial translations: the creator does not plan to stop developing in the near future, even though the idea of ​​retirement yes came to his mind.

This is the translation provided by this informative broker:

While taking a break, I also keep thinking about life after I quit playing games. Everyone is getting old over time, and I can’t keep working forever. Honestly, it would be nice if you had more free time. There is something very attractive about the idea of ​​early retirement, right?

The question: “How long can I continue to work in this job?” It comes to mind a lot. “How long should I last? What should I do next?” I think these types of questions are especially inevitable for people my age or older.

I don’t plan on stopping the game development work anymore or anything else but for now I’m going to put my best effort into it!

Of course, you plan to stop writing Famitsu Once all Super Smash Bros. characters released Ultimate DLC. What do you think?


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