The announcement of a new console with 4K support seems imminent


Rumors of a supposed Nintendo Switch Pro Saluted in the week with a report on Bloomberg What or what Refers to a review of the console that can render graphics up to 4K. Some media and specialists reported that the announcement would be imminent, and that it could even be revealed today, but in the end it remained just rumors.

Now, the information becomes effective when In Amazon Mexico, a product named “Nintendo Switch Pro” is listed.. Unfortunately, there is no product description or pictures.

When reviewing a description Spread We will find the product model number “dummyasin-nnsw-2021-014”. Information should be taken with cautionBut sometimes these types of listings are confirmed days later.

Bloomberg is rumored that the console will have an OLED display and will offer support for 4K games, but it will not do so locally but will use Nvidia DLSS technology.

Remember, the Nintendo Switch already has more than four years of age, so the arrival of a new, more powerful console, as a renewal for Nintendo to be on par with its rival, is highly likely. Not to mention the numerous rumors that have been reported for years about a “professional” model of your console.

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