Conquer comes to Super Smash Bros.! But…


For more requests and requests made by a community Super Smash Bros. I thought the truth was that there are characters who will never reach the game. ConquerFor obvious reasons, he is one of them. But thanks to the hack, it is now possible to use this anthropomorphic squirrel in the famous fighting title.

Smash Remix is ​​popular ROM hack Who amends Super Smash Bros. I pray for Nintendo 64 It adds 11 new characters, settings and moves. They were only recently added to Ganondorf y Bowser, But they did join recently Conqueror Wolf O’Donnell, Discount Fox star.

The good news is that Conquer It came equipped with its entire arsenal, including a saw, a flamethrower, and a set of grenades. Likewise, the archetype of the N64 The fact is that it fits perfectly into the game.


Across: Kotaku

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