Corrupt accusation of Paula Padusa of not wanting to speak Catalan with the Catalan media


A little over two years ago, Paula Badusa (New York, November 15, 1997) revealed at the end of 2018 Suffered from depression and anxietyThis made him afraid to even enter the tennis court. “Suddenly, she collapsed. After winning Roland Garros Junior in 2015, very high expectations were generated around me,” the player admitted, adding that “it was said that it was the next time Garbine, the following Sharapova…and they are great players who won the Grand Slams, when I was only 17 years old.”

“Head, head!” Paula Padusa, the first Spaniard to conquer Indian Wells

Alberto Ramirez

Now, about to turn 24, Padusa has made history by becoming the first Spanish tennis player to win the tournament. Indian wells, known as the Fifth Grand Slam. “I have a memory and I know everything I’ve been through,” she said after her victory over Belarus. “I suffered a lot, but I never stopped dreaming and fighting.” Victoria Azarenka. born in United StatePaola started using racket at the age of seven Platja Daro Girona when his parents came back to her Catalonia, more specifically Bigor, a small town in Costa Brava.

The fact is that Padusa could have played with the United States, and from there tempted her to take advantage of her condition as a New York by birth, but she preferred to do so with Spain, although this required support from the league The intervention of the Supreme Council of Sports (CSD), from the very beginning of existence Jose Luis Escanuela in front of Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) led to him rejecting a call to appeal FA Cup With the team that captain Conchita Martinez.

After participating last summer in Tokyo Olympics, where a sunstroke knocked him out of the quarter-finals, his aforementioned victory in Indian Wells had a huge impact across Spain, although it seemed that some in Catalonia, rather than rejoicing, were upset to see him celebrate his success with a Spanish flag. And of courseOne thing is that the opinions in social networks were for all the usual fans and non-fans, but quite different, and this activates the first, from a Digital newspaper and radio will accuse For not wanting to speak Catalan with the Catalan media.

Thus, in An article was written so that it was recalled that “the program” Tu diràs “of RAC1 He interviewed her coach to give her encouragement and warmth as she began to see the light at the end of the tunnel., in October 2019. And now, in October 2021, RAC1 wanted to interview her again at a completely different time for her. A moment of joy, the best career moment of your life for sure. A moment to talk about the successes and congratulate her… But Paula Padusa, now, did not adapt to pick up the phone, and they of many of the station’s programs were behind her all day long”.

Paula Padusa, at the Tokyo Olympics (EFE).

“I am sympathetic and aware that today she will have fifty, sixty or eighty requests for international and government interviews. I simply demand a small space for the Catalan media that we have followed for years. Today was a good day for Paula Badusa to explain herself in Catalan”. That’s what he said Alex Parisi On the microphones of RAC1, a Catalan radio station owned by Godó . groupAnd

Interview in “Diari de Girona”

The truth is Paola has always been present in the Catalan and Catalan mediaAnd this time he did too, obviously when he was thinking that he was in the States. for example, In the “Diari de Girona”, a newspaper written entirely in Catalan. “Aside from being one of the best players in the world, I also want to inspire people,” the interview title read. “With the Indian Wells Masters in his pocket, his first major success, the tennis player is reviewing his still-short career while criticizing excessive pressure on the elite,” he added.

However, in RAC1 they accused the inks against the tennis player: “Yes, she has given interviews in various Spanish media. If you want to listen to Paula Padusa in Spanish, you will listen to her.”. But, according to the people who gave her the agenda, she can no longer attend other media, such as RAC1, the leading radio in the country in which she was founded, Catalonia, and the radio that has given its voice and sponsorship since 2019. I complain openly about people who act as candidates, who forget their origins. I am convinced that the request for RAC1 will not reach her.”

After a day he was his partner Jordi Basti who congratulated Padusa “for her ability to respond. Bravo, bravo and bravo,” though she then insisted that “RAC1 searched for her all day long to be able to talk to her. It cannot be because according to the contact team, everything is packed.” On the other hand, it would have been on Ser, on COPE, Radio Nacional de España, very good, we think it’s great. We read interviews in El Mundo, El País, Marca, AS, ABC … On the other hand, there are no interviews in La Vanguardia, Mundo Deportivo, Sport, RAC1, Catalunya Ràdio … For the surroundings of Paula Padusa, Spain, the capital Madrid, and Begur, that beautiful town of Ambordán, in the wonderful and friendly Catalan region”.

Photography: Rafa Nadal at the presentation of his installed academy in Manacor.  (EFE) Opinion

like logic, Not only did these criticisms surprise and upset Paula Padusa’s environment, but they also worry themWell, not in vain, although she was born in New York, the tennis player considers herself Catalan and Spanish, and she is put in a position she does not deserve, especially after everything that happened and overpowered, especially since the accusations are false. It will be because, he said George Orwell“Every national is capable of committing the greatest blatant deception, but, knowing that he is in the service of something greater than himself, he also has an unshakeable certainty that he is right.”

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