COVID-19. “Mexico does not donate remaining vaccines,” says Ebrard.


Minister of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrardconfirming that Mexico is donating Vaccines against COVID-19 That she had and not the one that remained.

He stressed that by doing so, it seeks to support countries that were not even able to reach one million vaccinated people.

Ebrard Casaubón is in Europe, where he participated in a meeting of foreign ministers of countries G 20, In Italy. And this Wednesday he will be on a working visit to France.

In a virtual conference, he mentioned that there is great concern because there are countries that do not participate Get vaccinatedAs on the African continent, where only 2% of the population has been vaccinated.

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He noted that in Latin America and the Caribbean, there is also concern and that is why Mexico donated vaccines.

“We don’t share what’s left, but what we have is available. By the end of this week we’ll reach 60 million vaccines and give it to countries that don’t reach a million vaccines. We’re a match.”

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He was asked about the total revitalization of activities in The border between Mexico and the United StatesEbrard admitted that this will not happen in the near future.

What Mexico has proposed, he said, is a review of the quality of non-core activities and the ability to change decisions to allow a greater number of movements to be incorporated, to the essentials.

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