Did NASA announce the destruction of the Earth on May 6? He said this about the dangerous asteroid

Did NASA announce the destruction of the Earth on May 6?  He said this about the dangerous asteroid

A rumor spread through social networks, in which they confirmed that Container Announce this then May 6 An asteroid will fall that will end life in groundso users were worried about it.

However, the information spread on platforms such as Twitter Facebook also tik tok Not entirely true, since Container She did not publish that our planet will be destroyed in the next few days by an asteroid.

Despite this, the next day May 6 Yes, an asteroid will pass close to our planet and we will tell you what it is and how it will affect our home.

Will an asteroid fall?

asteroid 2009 JF1 It is located in the asteroid belt region Solar System Where are the other asteroids? In addition, its diameter is about 10 meters, so it is considered small or medium.

According to experts, the chances of it colliding with ground It’s too low to worry about, so it’s not considered anything serious. However, it is true that its orbit is very close to our planet and that is why it is called “Asteroid close to Earth”.

On the other hand, they point out that if it managed to enter our atmosphere, it would most likely disintegrate and fall into the sea, so there is no cause for concern.

This is what asteroid 2009 JF1 looks like. (Credits: spacereference.org)

Features about JF1 2009:

  • Identified as an Apollo-class asteroid
  • It’s the same size as a school bus or even smaller
  • It’s nothing dangerous
  • It is known to be an asteroid very close to Earth

How likely is it to have an effect?

according to Containerthe risk of impact exists, but it has a possibility 0.00074% Indeed, it is believed that it could happen the following Friday, but it is a very low risk. Plus, it’s too small for NASA experts to worry about.

(credit: spacereference.org)

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