Different platforms have contradictions in Mexico


Monday couldn’t start in a better way. Telmex, Izzi and TotalPlay, the three main internet providers in Mexico, are experiencing flaws in their services.. The Internet in Mexico is inconsistent.

The DownDetector website Shows that the TelmexAnd the condole s Total Play They have intermittent periods of service in different regions of the country, Mainly in the center:

Telmex internet failure map in Mexico
Fallas Internet Totalplay Mexico TotalPlay Internet Failure Map in Mexico
Internet failure mexico Internet error map of Izzi in Mexico

Internet service failures for the main service providers in Mexico are sporadic: some members of the Xataka Mexico team had problems accessing or downloading certain services, while others did not.

On the other side, DownDetector Also Offers Many Internet services have drawbacks: Microsoft Teams, Google, Google Meet, Office 365, Xbox Live, YouTube, Gmail, and others.

Fallas Servicios Mexico Google Office Youtube Microsoft Teams Office Falls March 8, 2021

Reports and experiences regarding Internet problems in Mexico started appearing shortly after noon, CDMX. There is still no official position on the service providers or platforms, so we await further details and a full restoration of services.

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