Do you have dozens of WhatsApp chats open? The application will add a perfect practical function for you


WhatsApp includes a new function that allows you to filter chats so that you can only see those you haven’t read.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will make life easier for all the people who usually have it Dozens of open chats in the application inbox. how do you have Discover in XDA DevelopersThe latest version WhatsApp beta Includes option Filter reading chatsuntil they stop appearing in the conversation list.

This job is currently Only available in whatsapp for pcIt is not clear if it will end up accessing the mobile version of the messaging app.

The new filter feature will give you the option to only view the chats you haven’t read.

WhatsApp’s new feature lets you filter chats to see only the unread

As you can see in the shared screenshot, the new feature appears in the form of a file button at the top of the chat listright next to the search bar.

click the button, Only chats with unread messages will be shown. The rest will disappear until the button is clicked again to undo the changes.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp chat feature.

By clicking on the filter icon, you will be able to see only the chats that you have not read.

Unread chat filter is available in File WhatsApp Desktop Beta 2.2221.1 versionAvailable on Mac and Windows. If you do not have the latest version of the application on your computer yet, you can download it by following the steps in Guide to download whatsapp on any platform Free.

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