Don’t miss this time-lapse of the sun made up of 78,846 images from NASA


Image for the article titled Don't Miss This Hypnotic Interval of the Sun, composed of 78,846 images from NASA

You may not have heard of it, but Sean Doran has an innate ability to space photo transformation employment Absolute artwork audiovisual. But we must realize that in his latest creation, there was an amazing time-lapse of our workol en 4k, defeated.

A total of 78,846 photos were combined taken by NASA’s Dynamic Solar Observatory has created a 4K hypnotic video rotation in which you can view the sun’s flying surface in great detail.. to be able to compose this intervalastrophotographer I had to fix, resize and re-master all the images that make it up.

all of these Pictures were obtained within a month August 2014. Once you put it all together, rotation stay with One 22-minute video, though He later decided to slow it down rushingin the middle to convert it to It’s glorious The last piece of 44 minutes.

Seeing these photos separately is really impressive, but the visionThose who move is a delight. If you have free time There is nothing like getting lost in it Doran’s Youtube Channel To better explore some angles from our galaxy.


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