Download the best IPTV list to watch DTT online for free before it is removed (again)

Download the best IPTV list to watch DTT online for free before it is removed (again)

As you can imagine, this allows us to enjoy our favorite channels and content from anywhere on any device. Maybe one of IPTV services The most popular in our country is the one that offers us TDTC channelsa platform that has recently been surrounded by controversy.

What was initially considered a completely legal platform to watch DTT channels online, has suddenly been shut down. This is something that would have meant a huge setback for both its managers, and for all those who used the online service. At first its developers told us this wasn’t goodbye, but see you later.

Last Christmas, we got the good news that the platform has become available again so that we can enjoy it without any problem. Again, we had the possibility, and still do, to enjoy a good portion of DTT channels Our country in different ways. On the other hand, we just have to access its official website to find a list of these. We just have to click on each channel to enjoy its current content.

At the same time, if we find it more useful or convenient, we have at our fingertips the various applications of mobile devices android And iOS.

Download the TDTChannels channel list

And we have to keep in mind that the conclusion we mentioned to you resulted from a different disapproval TV platforms and For a sport like La Liga. Likewise, the search giant Google made the app disappear from its official store, so today we have to install apk file by hand.

What we really want to tell you at this moment is IPTV TDTC channels It is in operation at the moment through pending methods. However, what we don’t know is when the same issues that occurred in the past will recur, which could cause them to reappear vanishement, again, either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, the best we can do is download the corresponding channel lists in case this unfortunate event happens again.

It is worth noting that we can reproduce these lists in the future in programs such as VLC, if necessary. In fact, those responsible for the IPTV service provide us with these channel lists directly from official web in different forms.

IPTV listings

Depending on where we want to upload these files Channel lists, both now and in the future, we will have to choose one format or another. The truth is that they hardly take up space, so it’s best to download them all and keep them somewhere safe in case the platform disappears again at some point in the future.

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