“It was 100% worth it,” praises Study, after the success of its Xbox Game Pass games

“It was 100% worth it,” praises Study, after the success of its Xbox Game Pass games

Much has been said about Xbox Game Pass and its positive impact on indie developers. Cococucumber was released recently Ravenlock As a first day show on the service, and he seems very pleased with the results.

The indie developer has many games on the Microsoft platform, so he recently gave his opinion on Xbox Game Pass and its benefits. In short, the studio was very happy with the platform and its game performance.

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developers Ravenlock Happy with Xbox Game Pass

There is still debate about the benefits Xbox Game Pass can offer developers and the risks involved in its distribution model. Despite this, there are more and more studies endorsing the service and its many benefits, such as the insight it provides to games.

Cococucumber took a look at their history with the service and came to the conclusion that so far everything has been positive. The studio has released 3 titles that are part of the voxel trilogy. Apparently, with all of them he got great results.

“In retrospect, I’m happy to report that Game Pass was 100% worth it for us. It gives us access to so many players in the Voxel Trilogy: RiverboundAnd echo generation And Ravenlocksaid Vanessa Shea, the study’s producer.

The creator explained that visibility is essential for indie games, so Xbox Game Pass was its best alternative to capture the attention of gamers.

Creative Design concluded, “As indie developers, visibility is always a struggle, and knowing there’s a low barrier to entry for players to go into business solves a huge challenge for us.”

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