Drift issues were reported on the PS5 DualSense months after its debut


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The problem of drifting in console controls has been present, either to a greater or lesser extent, across generations. However, it became very important because of Joy-Con Drift, Which is an issue affecting Nintendo Switch controls.

Unfortunately, this annoying inconvenience Also subscribe to the Xbox Elite 2 console, But Microsoft has already provided a solution That satisfied many of those affected. The nightmare of drifting doesn’t end there, as there are more and more reports of a problem DualSense from PlayStation 5.

Many users of the new generation console have already been victims of drifting in their controls. As you can imagine, the situation worries many people, especially since failure can be recorded after a few days of use. In addition to this must be the difficulties encountered by some players in contacting Sony customer service.

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PlayStation5’s DualSense suffers from the notorious drift

Several PlayStation 5 users have reported on social media and forums DualSense problems. The main complaint The presence of drift, Causing the control arms to move even if the user does not touch it. This causes serious problems when playing the game, and it is common for the experience to be completely ruined.

For this reason, affected users have requested Sony for a solution. As he indicates Kotaku, The company has A page dedicated to hardware problems On PlayStation 5 and DualSense; However, there are a few options for remote repair.

Most importantly, the drifting issue is covered by the console’s warranty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean players will have a solution in no time. This, because repair involves starting a process that may seem tedious to many. In addition, those affected should invest money to end the drift.

Kotaku He reported that after several filters and a long process, he was able to contact the PlayStation Customer Service team. The managers explained that to complete the repair process, it is necessary for users to pay for shipping the remote control to an authorized Sony center.

While there is a way to solve the notorious DualSense skew, the process is not completely accessible and easy to use. There are those who think Sony could face a similar situation to Nintendo and even receive class action lawsuits over DualSense issues.

As of this writing, Sony has not released a statement discussing the situation. Finally, it is imperative to clarify that drift in DualSense, as in Joy-Con, has occurred in isolated cases and is not, at present, a general problem that occurs systematically across all controls.

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