How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts to calendar using WhatsApp Web in Windows 10 and macOS


One of the biggest problems with WhatsApp is that To start a conversation with someone, it is imperative that we save it to our contact listEither on iOS or Android. However, this is resolved with A trick offered by WhatsApp itself, Which is to enter the following address in the browser and modify it according to the number that we need to contact: “”.

And therefore, If we want to send a message to a number in Spain, 666666666, we will leave the number 34 that precedes it, and we will complete the rest with the chosen number.. It’s convenient and works on both mobile and desktop devices, but remembering the address can be tricky. Therefore, we will leave you with another method that can help you to improve the overall process.

“” is the most direct way to send the message

The method we calculated above always works, but as we said, it has an issue that we have to memorize the title because it is natural for us to remember it by heart. For this reason, WhatsApp thought of an easier way, and sending messages without adding contacts to the phonebook is as simple as typing the number after this address:

Thus, to send a message to 666666666, in Spanish, we have to enter ““In the address bar of the browser, mobile phone or desktop. In our case, after installing WhatsApp Desktop, we open the desktop application, and in front of the method” phone = 34666666666 “, the person on is not allowed to initiate a chat Whatsapp Web. That is, we are either using WhatsApp Desktop or we will have to go to the smartphone.

This way, our schedule will be much cleanerBy not having to add dozens of contacts to a single contact. If we are interested in something like this for iPhone, it is also possible through shortcuts automation. You will only have to have it This shortcut, Which when using it will ask us for a contact number. And here you are.

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