DTT is free and live thanks to this site with fifty channels

DTT is free and live thanks to this site with fifty channels

This recommended site offers you a wide catalog of TV channels that you can watch directly from your mobile phone for free.

With this website, you can watch dozens of live TV channels from your mobile phone, for free.

You do not need to install any application to watch live TV from your mobile phone, you can do it directly from a website called Live TV. This page contains 65 DTT channels You can see it from your mobile device completely free and live. We’ve tested it and it seems to be working optimally, so We will tell you how you can use it.

Thanks to pages like TVENDIRECTO, for watching TV now No need to have a TV nearby. If you do not want to miss a program, you can access the channels directly from your mobile browser, without the need to install any application. It is a method that, in addition to being easy and fast, also allows you to access it Wide catalog of channels on various topics.


TVENDIRECTO, a perfect site to watch free and live TV

TVENDIRECTO is a web page that collects 65 Live TV Channels, mainly the channels available on DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). Once you are on the web, you will see the different channels divided into different categories: Sports, children’s, regional … As you scroll down the page, you will discover all the options you have.

Among those 65 channels are TVE 1Telecinco, Neox, Parliament Live, Euronews, Real Madrid TV, Disney Channel, TV3, Canal Extremadura, telemadrid. These are just a few examples of the diversity you’ll find on TVENDIRECTO. Of course, all of these channels free accessYou don’t have to pay anything to see them live.

Live TV channels

In TVENDIRECTO you will find 65 DTT channels.

As the website explains, to enjoy TVENDIRECTO’s content you only need Good internet connection. Device compatibility is wide, you can watch TV From your mobile phone, tablet or laptop… Once in a particular channel, you will see brief information about its history and reference programmes, as well as a playback window in which you must click to press play.

Essentially, what TVENDIRECTO does is It takes you to the web player of the series. So, in the playback window you will read “View in external player”. In some cases, yes, the player is entered on the same TVENDIRECTO page, and another tab will not open.

Another special function of this site is that it contains A section called “TV Programming”. As you can imagine, here you will find the complete TV schedule for the current day and the next day. This way, you will be able to see the channels and their content from the same page.

DTT is free and live thanks to this site with fifty channels

Many TVENDIRECTO channels take you to an external operator.

DIRECTTV HAS Very simple interface, so it won’t cost you anything to learn to master it. Unfortunately, It has ads, so you will have to deal with occasional ads when using them. By the way, if you want to create a shortcut to this website on your mobile home screen, just click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner and then Add to home screen.

If you want to watch live TV from your mobile phone without installing anything, we also recommend Photocall, a website with more than 1000 TV channels that you can access for free.

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