Earth will run out of oxygen: when, date

Earth will run out of oxygen: when, date

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over time, planet earth I encountered many climate-related problems, such as Natural disasersIn addition, of course, climate change. All of this, of course, has an effect In the planet’s atmosphere.

It’s because of that Scientists and researchers I started to analyze Various risks Planet works for example, a team of natural earth sciencesand talked about a ‘A new end to the world’.: When does the Earth run out of oxygen, which is the situation in which It will definitely end With humanity immediately.

When will the oxygen on Earth run out?

Scientific Journal A study was published revealing the time remaining until the end Oxygenated From earth. According to estimates made by group of scientistsOxygen is expected to last on our planet only a little Another billion years.

Why does the Earth run out of oxygen?

As with any star, With the age of the sun will stay too There is no hydrogen fuel in essence.

It should get hotter there. Helium wick. For this reason, the additional energy generated by the sun, and that He will return to earthwill cause our planet to warm and dry up their surroundingsbig producers Oxygen.

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