Emanuela Lares was born in the United States, but wants to represent Colombia in tennis: her story

Emanuela Lares was born in the United States, but wants to represent Colombia in tennis: her story

Emanuela Lares is an American girl turned Colombian citizen with a dream and hope to represent the country on an international level. Currently, she is the first in the valley and has already won 14 national championships, which already leads us to believe that we are facing a player who counts.

Only 12 years old, born in the United States, the daughter of an Argentine father and a Colombian mother, Emanuela became a citizen of Colombia, and from now on, she is emerging as a projection of white sports at the national level. A young girl with very big dreams among her personal plans.

“I want, at a young age, to be a professional and later to become number one in the world,” she said, making it clear that she strives for everything. And that in addition to her talent and professionalism, she has the support of her parents, who throughout her career have always supported her in every step.

“She fell in love with tennis, watching her sister from the stands and that was something that came out of her. One day she told me: Dad, I love where I am, I love Colombia and I would like to represent this country in sportsGuillermo Lares, father of the young tennis player, expressed in an interview with Caracol Sports.

She devotes six hours a day to training, and her talent, as it happens with her highest repertory, Maria Sharapova, does not go unnoticed. “They introduce me to her because of my physical appearance, but also the way I dress, the style of play I usually use on the field and what I do and look for,” Emanuela added.

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He studies virtually and this helps him have more time to perfect his technique, the same one that has already brought him into the sights of the Colombian captain. About this and the good news, leave a few words. And he’s very close to taking another big step in his career.

“When my parents told me that I had been shortlisted for South America, from May 15, in Chile, I felt happy, satisfied and happy. For now, the practice will be in Bogota, where the final chosen to face the tournament is,” he said.

Emanuela Lares, the young Sharapova who dreams of representing Colombia in the world tennis elite and who, although she is just starting out, is already seeing the first fruits of all that effort, work and enormous dedication that she injects into tennis every day.

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