Fans believe they are from Xbox providing clues about the Master Chief’s arrival at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintenderos


In recent hours, you may have received information about a rumor that indicates an arrival Hello Master Chef To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here we give you all the information available at the moment.

I started sharing details from the Microsoft Gaming Summit, where Phil Spencer, Xbox chief, shelved several clues about his future. Among them, there is something that made you think Master Chief could arrive in the fighting game.

Behind this, Miles Dumber, From Windows Central, posted a video where he analyzed various tracks on Spencer’s shelf, stating that the Nintendo Switch console she featured in referred to the Master Chief’s premiere at Super Smash Bros. As you can see, nothing is certain for now, but information is starting to flow through social networks at this point.

The truth is that this will have meaning with Infinite aura On the way to promote the game and in reality It has already been speculated With this possibility in the past. Also, other Microsoft characters like Banjo-Kazooie and Steve from Minecraft are already in Smash Bros.

However, there are no other indications that this news will become reality, so we will have to monitor more details. Meanwhile, what do you think of that? Would you like to see this character in Smash as your next DLC?


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