FIFA 2021 ranking, Ivory Coast stagnant (61) Senegal is at the top and Morocco is rising thanks to CHAN


The FIFA Ranking 2021 was published last Thursday. Belgium continues to lead this first ranking of the year, practically without change. Globally, there is no change in the top ten led by Belgium. The Red Devils are still a few points ahead of France and Brazil. The Ivory Coast is ranked 61 in the world, and 12 in the ranking of African countries.

The Atlas Lions won two places in the world and cemented its position as the fourth country in Africa after Senegal, Tunisia and Algeria.

Mali, who reached the final of the unfortunate CHAN Championship, jumped three places, while Guinea and Congo, the bronze medalists in the quarter-finals, took one place.

Ivory Coast remains static. Senegal remains at the top of the ranking for Africa. The Moroccan Atlas Lions are also gaining two places worldwide and cementing their position as the fourth African country. It is the highest in the world and the 20 highest in Africa.

Top 10 in the world

1. Belgium
2. France
3. Brazil
4. England
5. Portugal
6. Spain
7. Argentina
8- Uruguay
9. Mexico
10. Italy

Top 20 Africans

1 – Senegal (the twentieth in the world)
2. Tunisie (26e)
3 – Algeria (31)
4- Morocco (33 AH)
5- Nigeria (36 AH)
6- Egypt (49th)
7. Cameroon (50)
8. Ghana (52e)
9 – Mali (54 AH)
10 – Burkina Faso (58e)
11. Democratic Republic of the Congo (60 degrees)
12 – Ivory Coast (ranked 61)
13- South Africa (71st)
14- Guinea (72 degrees)
15 – Cape Verde (80 degrees)
16 – Benin (82 degrees)
17- Uganda (83 score)
18- Gabon (86 degrees)
19 – Zambia (90 degrees)
20- Congo (91)

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