First image of Mars taken by perseverance


NASA confirmed that the mission Perseverance successfully landed on mars And we shared the first image the robot sent from the surface of Mars.

Image: NASA

The The Perseverance Mission sent its first image of Mars After successfully landing on the surface of the Red Planet after a seven-month space flight, decades of work and billions of dollars investment.

Perseverance is NASA’s first mission to search for traces of life on Mars.

The mission of perseverance He managed to overcome a very dangerous Mars landing maneuver This Thursday, at the most dangerous site ever attempted to land, to its relief: the Jezero crater.

The robot entered Mars’ atmosphere at a speed of 19,000 km / h, protected by its thermal shield, which was activated after opening a huge hypersonic parachute.

Eight engines helped hold him back, then lowered his six wheels, supported by cables, until they touched the ground and Send the first image to Mars from this mission.

Persevere in looking for life’s effects

Researchers believe that the hole Jizero has had a lake about 50 kilometers wide for more than 3.5 billion years.

“We have very strong evidence that Mars may have supported life in the past,” said Ken Willford, deputy director of the mission, on Wednesday. “The question is: Is Earth an anomaly, a stroke of luck?”

Through a task of perseverance, scientists are looking for what they call vital signatures: Effects of microbial life that “can take all kinds of forms”, such as “chemicals” or “environmental changes”Said Mary Voitke, director of the Astrobiology Program at NASA.

“Either we find life, and this will be an exceptional discovery, or we will not do that, (…) and this will indicate that not all habitable environments are inhabited.”Ken Farley, the project scientist said.

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