Former 343i employee warns Halo Infinite may disappoint a lot of people


Needless to say, but a revelation Infinite aura Last year it left a very bad taste in the mouth among fans of the franchise. Faced with this reception, Microsoft and PPG 343 They have made a decision to put it off by more than a year to give it the level of quality that society expects of it. That said, a former employee at 343i He revealed that the title “may disappoint a lot of people”.

According to translate Random 0 points On Reset, The concerned former employee said the final product would be fine, only warning fans that it “wouldn’t be a masterpiece.”

“I think the end product will still be good. The story is a huge improvement, the gameplay is richer, but the development cycle is very long. Don’t expect this masterpiece to be talked about so much.”

Regarding the negative points, this former employee mentions that the company executives were “very ambitious” about the plans that needed to be done. Infinite aura An open world game, which required major changes in its graphic engine. Additionally, much of the content has been cut for “several reasons”.

Finally, the former employee mentions people from 343 He’s been working a lot, even “until the wee hours of the morning” and feels comfortable getting out of there.

It is important to note that since it is a translation, there may be some points misinterpreted, however, these comments go hand in hand with Jason Schreyer, Reporter BloombergI heard it before.

Infinite aura It is slated to be launched this year in Xbox and pc.


Fountain: Windows Central

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