Insider reveals a possible launch window for GTA VI


Even if Rock star They haven’t announced it yet, it is clear that they are already working on it Grand Theft Auto VI. The launch of the .. the start of the .. the take off of the GTA V game For the new consoles, which also means that the sixth installment of the franchise is still far from our reach. To what extent exactly? according to From the inside, so far.

Not, Recognized leaker among a community GTA, States GTA VI It won’t even be revealed GTA V game Arrived to PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X. Remember, its launch is planned for this year, but we still don’t have an exact date.

Additionally, this leak states that it is likely to be GTA VI It will be announced until the end of the following year, that is, it will be released until early 2023 and will not be launched for the first time for the last generation of consoles. Not He warns that all of these dates could change at any time due to the pandemic, but they certainly fit with what was previously reported.


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